Belfast Telegraph
24 January 1997

New Life for Abandoned Bin Baby by Ian McTear

A street child from Kenya, abandoned in a bin as a baby, has been given the chance of a new life in Northern Ireland. Six-year-old Simon Njoroge, from Nairobi, has just arrived in the province to stay with a family in Twinbrook - and they are hoping to eventually adopt him. Simon, who suffers from cerebral palsy, began his journey of hope when he met Terry Rodgers in Nairobi doing voluntary work at a children's hostel.

Last year Terry (21) spent a month with Mother Teresa's organisation working with abandoned street children. He had gone to Africa with four other members of the Rosario Youth Club, on the Ormeau Road. "We were working in the poorest part of Nairobi, trying to look after children who had been abandoned," he said. "Most of them were mentally and physically handicapped and that is where I met Simon. "He is very bright mentally, but was abandoned in a bin as a baby. When it came time for Terry to leave, Simon was very upset. So when he came home Terry asked his parents if they could bring him to Belfast. After a series of immigration problems Simon eventually arrived last Saturday and is settling in quickly, even though he cannot speak English.

Terry said: "Doctors are giving free medical advice and a fund is being set up in the Bank of Ireland branch at the Andersonstown Road to help him. "After six months you can start adoption proceedings, so that is what we are hoping to do." |The first fund-raising event is 'A Night of the Stars', featuring May McFettridge and the James McPeake band, in Donegal Celtic Social Club on February 20.

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