20 March 1997

Use Children's Rights in the Constitution

Cape Town--The new Constitution gave children rights which they should use to prepare themselves for the challenges of the future, National Assembly Speaker Dr Frene Ginwala said on Thursday.

The right to education, proper health care and protection, were some examples she gave to pupils of Ukhanya primary school in Kommetjie, south of Cape Town during a function to promote the new Constitution.

The sufferings and deprivations of disadvantaged communities during apartheid rule included exclusion from decent education, proper health care and the right to a good job.

In the new Constitution these discriminations had been removed and the children needed to seize the opportunity and use it to prepare for a better future.

"You have a right to go to school and government must help to achieve that," said Ginwala, but warned against abusing these rights.

"This Constitution means the doors of learning are opened. Use the opportunity now."

African National Congress Whip, Jannie Momberg gave the school a new South African flag and urged the pupils to jealously protect it and the Constitution.

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